2/2017 - Industry News
L'industria italiana tra crescita e nuove sfide

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10/2016 - The evolution of shrink sleeve systems
Dressed Up Bottles

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10/2016 - Recent shrink applications (VIDEO)
FINPAC Shrink Sleeving Specialist

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Containers decoration with shrink and stretch sleeves

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تزي‚ الحاويات بأك م قابلة للتقليص والتمدد

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18/06/2010 - Oscar dell'imballaggio 2010 (VIDEO)
17/06/2010 - Oscar dell'imballaggio 2010
Committee´s motivation: the ingegnous preperforated shows a wide surface that gives more space for labeling. It works as a multipack up to 4 bottles and it allows an easy way to separate them, maintaining informations intact and available for the consumer, reducing the amount of material needed.
Basically: the plastic joining the multipack works also as a label for each bottle. Less plastic and informations always available, avoiding overlapping and adhesives.
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