Finpac is an Italian pioneer company for the shrink sleeve market since 1989,  located in Settimo Milanese (Milan).

Thanks to the experience and hundreds of machines installed, Finpac designs, assembles, sells and installs machines for applying shrink and stretch labels.
Among the available labelling systems, the shrink sleeve is the one that facilitates the widest range of texts, images and decorates any container of any shape with a wide range of colors: this guarantees us tailor made solutions for all type of needs.

Our main national and international customers come from different sector such as food, beverage, dairy and household goods.
Our machines are installed in more than 40 countries and we ensure our best technical assistance from Milan.

We are specialized in different types of product for each brand image: from Tamper Evident and Partial Body sleeves, to Full Body, Underlap and Multipack.
Our purpose is achievieng the product perfection in each category treated (Diary; Food; Soft Drinks; Wine & Spirit and Detergents & Toiletries) thanks to our fastest machines that work from a speed of 12.000 bph up to 72.000 bph.