On the occasion of Brau Beviale just ended in Nuremberg we put on stage our latest technological innovation developed to meet specifically needs of its customers and OEMs: autosplicer for sleeve reels and result has been amazing!

Big players in the bottling industries really appreciated our proposal and placed order for a new plant in West Europe directly at the show.
Finpac autosplicer consists on reel-holders with automatic joining system for high-speed sleeving lines, up to 72,000 bph which can guarantee continuos production up to 40 minutes without any action requested by machine operators.
The drawer reel holder combined with a jointing system between the different reels, – up to 4 reels of 1000m. – is specifically designed to guarantee flexibility, speed, reliability and high productivity combined with an intuitive and easy-to-use logic.

The automatic splicer made in Finpac offers a system with 4 drawers for preparing the joint that allows you to work quickly and safely during the application phase of the adhesive. The prepared joint is automatically moved to the correct position eliminating any human errors and reducing the presence of the operator on the line.
The Finpac automatic splicer offers, in addition to innovative technology, precision and reliability through a superior design and a careful design to the smallest details. Consisting of a sturdy, all-steel structure, thanks to the preparation of the joint up to 4 reels with movable drawers without stopping the flow of label launches, the system guarantees a simple, fast and safe preparation of the sleeve reels by the operator.
Each of the reel-holding drawers is composed of a contrast roller, a support bar for preparing the joint and a reel locking bar that serves to keep the reels in position while the operator applies the adhesive without loss of speed of the line.

The operator, once the adhesive has been placed, must only confirm the preparation by pressing a button. The system automatically moves the prepared junction to the correct position thus eliminating any “human error”. The fixed joint position ensures accurate and effective control of the system and the movable splicing heads are on board a motorized trolley where the two cutting blades are present, the movable contrast rollers and the buffer brakes.
The carriage automatically aligns the relative jointing head at one of the preparation areas to then proceed to the union of the two ends of the coils. Once the cycle is activated, the simultaneous action produces an accurate union between the coils in a few seconds and the end result is a real overlap between the ends, all at maximum performance.