Plant-based beverages, the segment of non-dairy beverages derived from plants, are the new stars of the beverage industry. The growth rate is continuing to climb, with experts predicting an increase of 15 % per annum by 2021, particularly due to the momentum in regions such as North America, Brazil, China , Thailand, South Africa and various European countries, even after covid-19 pandemia.
Finpac italia successfully installed and commissioned top speed complete sleeving line to soy milk bottler market leader, based in Thailand , who is the pioneer of this market and produce most probably the best quality of soymilk and it is no coincidence that Thailand is the largest per capita consumer of vegetable drinks in the world.
Finpa italia sleeving line is composed by a double-lane linear sleeve applicator DL model together with double entry shrinking tunnel included in a complete line with a state-of-the-art aseptic combo filler running @ 66.000 bph for labelling full body shrink sleeve on a 350 ml PET bottle capacity working 24/6 with one spare day for cleaning in and out of place and standard maintenance.
Finpac DL model needs extremely small quantity of spares and low maintenance and reached an efficiency of 98% with suitable sleeve label material and consists on two sleeving linear heads independent .
PET bottle in connection with a PET shrink sleeve can help soy milk Thai producer by offering new consumer experiences compared with the traditional carton format while allowing a more flexible production and meet consumer’s expectations by being user-friendly, shatterproof, re-sealable, and recyclable. It also provides freedom in bottle design to differentiate their brand on the supermarket shelves.