For years Perrier name has been associated to a particularly sparkling water, beloved by few and disregarded by many consumers. So, Perrier has “invented” a slightly sparkling water characterised by an elegant and refined look quite different from the look of the heavy green glass bottle. A gentle name (Eau de Perrier), reminding of a perfume, and a slim blue PET bottle serve the purpose. The bottle is decorated with a PE stretch sleeve supplied by FINPAC, which follows the bottle shape and gets integral part with it.
Extensive testing allowed FINPAC to offer Nestlè Waters France what they required: a particularly high clarity and high brilliancy film giving a “no-label look” effect which is of capital importance not to disturb the essential lines of the bottle.
Stretch sleeves are environmental friendly since they are applied without utilising glue (thus avoiding any risk of migration to the water) and can be easily separated from the empty bottles.

Finpac Magazine – 1 February 2003